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    tagging panelAccordion content for web analytics

      We have a panelAccordion component which contains a few showDetailItem components. At a time, only the data against the "*disclosed*" showDetailItem is available in the source(final html rendered). When a showDetail item is disclosed, the new content gets retrieved by the component dynamically using some inbuilt ajax calls . At the same time, the content associated with the showDetail item that gets automatically hidden (undisclosed) gets wiped out from the source (as seen in firebug). The requirement is to track (for web analytics) any "link click" from within such content. The approach adopted by us consists of searching for links when the DOM has loaded successfully (readystate) and adding an additional click attribute which would invoke our custom javascript methods responsible for tracking. But as the entire content under the panelAccordion does not come up in the source at any instant, this approach has been rendered useless.

      Is there any way to invoke a method when such a showDetailItem has been rendered asynchronously? I am able to capture the link which triggers the "_disclosure_" event. But this does not help as the updated content is yet to be rendered at this instant.