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    open that jspx page in new window using commandLink

      Hi All,

      I'm working on adf application.I'm using jdeveloper version.I want to get the attribute value of current row and pass it to jspx page.And i want to open that jspx page in new window.I tried like following:

      <af:column id="resId1c7" align="center" width="50">
      <af:commandLink actionListener="#{bindings.setCurrentRowWithKeyValue.execute}"
      action="dialog:Confirm" windowHeight="600"
      windowWidth="800" useWindow="true"

      And in my faces-config.xml i add the navigation rule like this.


      Here my problem is i want to get the result jspx page in new window.But im not able to do it.Please help me how can i do this?
      Thanks in advance!