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    Creating NSAPI Plugin, problem with net_read

      I've searched high and low to no avail, can someone help. I"m working on a NSAPI Service plugin that needs the SYS_NETFD 'sn->csd' to remain open for both reading and writing. However, in my plugin code, all attempts to do a net_read on the socket return immediately (i.e. not waiting the specified timeout period) with a '0' for the bytes read and 'errno' set to 0. This is supposed to indicate that the fd has been close by the browser, which is not the case. I was able to hack some code using the PR_FileDesc2NativeHandle to get the Unix descriptor and am able to perform reads on the socket. The problem there is that the socket is out of the purview of the server and in turn loses SSL translations, but the socket is still open for both reading and writing.

      Is there some sort of flag, setting or some other NSPR function on 'sn->csd' that will allow continued net_read calls to be successful?

      Thanks for any help.