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    Streams in axis2

      I am writing a webservice wrapper on the top of media server developed in java to enable other language application can use it.
      For the sake of Streaming i used the MTOM with AXIS2.

      I'm unable to stream very big documents until i enable the following parameters in axis.xml
      <parameter name="enableMTOM">true</parameter>
      <parameter name="cacheAttachments">true</parameter>
      <parameter name="attachmentDIR">c:/tmp/</parameter>
      <parameter name="sizeThreshold">4000</parameter>

      But the problem is that is is storing the whole stream in the server at the give place (c:/tmp).
      Instead i want the Inputstream streamed to streaming sever.

      If i remove the last 3 lines client getting out of memory error.

      How would i do that.
      please help