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    didadm: unable to determine hostname.  error on Sun cluster 4.0 - Solaris11

      Trying to install Sun Cluster 4.0 on Sun Solaris 11 (x86-64).

      iscs sharedi Quorum Disk are available in /dev/rdsk/ .. ran

      cldevice populate

      But don't see DID devices getting populated in /dev/did.

      Also when scdidadm -L is issued getting the following error. Has any seen the same error ??
      - didadm: unable to determine hostname.

      Found in cluster 3.2 there was a Bug 6380956: didadm should exit with error message if it cannot determine the hostname

      The sun cluster command didadm, didadm -l in particular, requires the hostname to function correctly. It uses the standard C library function gethostname to achieve this.

      Early in the cluster boot, prior to the service svc:/system/identity:node coming online, gethostname() returns an empty string. This breaks didadm.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction to get past this issue with shared quorum disk DID.
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          Let's step back a bit. First, what hardware are you installing on? Is it a supported platform or is it some guest VM? (That might contribute to the problems).

          Next, after you installed Solaris 11, did the system boot cleanly and all the services come up? (svcs -x). If it did boot cleanly, what did 'uname -n' return? Do commands like 'getent hosts <your_hostname>' work? If there are problems here, Solaris Cluster won't be able to get round them.

          If the Solaris install was clean, what were the results of the above host name commands after OSC was installed? Do the hostnames still resolve? If not, you need to look at why that is happening first.