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    SunStudio 12: cg_memory_allocation.malloc: out of memory

      Hi All,
      I have a C++ application which I could compile successfully using Sun Studio 11 in the optimization mode (-O2). But when I upgraded the compiler to Sun Studio 12, it fails with following error message:

      cg_memory_allocation: allocated 2131329024 bytes memory
      cg: cg_memory_allocation.malloc: out of memory
      cg: 1 errors
      gmake[2]: *** [application.o] Error 1
      gmake[2]: *** Deleting file `application.o'

      I use gmake tool to invoke the compilation.

      NB: If I compile in debug mode (-g) without optimization ON, then the compilation goes fine. The failure is only happening when optimization mode is ON.

      Can anybody help me what could be the problem here?

      Any pointer would be helpful.

      Thanks in advance.