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    SIM Table editing


      I have a table with columns ITEM, DESC,QTY, PRICE, and some number rows are populated automatically when I enter this screen.
      Now, i want the rows in ITEM column to be not-editable
      So, that the user wont change the value populated.

      There is a button called Add Item, when it is clicked, a new row is created at the bottom and the row in ITEM COLUMN should be editable so that the user can add a new item.

      How can this be done ???

      I have tried making the Sim Table Attribute for ITEM as false, so it wont be editable.. It works but when I click add new ITEM, it is still disabled...

      Pls... any suggestions...
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          Atleast if anyone can tell me how to disable/not-editable specific cells by giving row and column number..
          Is there something like this which i can use,
          setCellEditable(row,column) and this will return false