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em console is not opening

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Hi All,

suddenly we have started getting this error.
we have weblogic, soa suite osb installed.

in summary of deployments in Admin console, i can see em is in failed state.
we tried starting em from summary of deployments but its giving below error:

<Apr 13, 2012 10:43:15 AM BST> <Error> <HTTP> <BEA-101008> <[ServletContext@229185004[app:em module:/em path:/em spec-version:2.5]] Cannot get InputStream of resource "/WEB-INF/config/consoleConfig.xml". /u01/oracle/MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/fusion_domain/servers/AdminServer/tmp/_WL_user/emcore/28c293/WEB-INF/config/consoleConfig.xml (Too many open files)
at Method)
at weblogic.utils.classloaders.FileSource.getInputStream(
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WarSource.getInputStream(
at weblogic.servlet.internal.WebAppServletContext.getResourceAsStream(
Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace
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    Probably your file limit descriptor should be increased

    Increase the File Descriptor limit

    ulimit -n <to a proper value>

    Or ask you system admin to set this in the limits.conf for your WLS Software owner

    kind regards

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    The common reason of running into FD limit exception is the increase in the FD consumption or low value configured for the ulimit.

    In case increasing the ulimit value fixes the issue (which will only be the case if we have not properly configured the system) then we need to collect some lsof() output to check what is the state of the socket and in case there is not issue with the socket management.

    Thus to start with tune ulimit and if this does not fix the issue collect lsof() output to check where are the FD's/socket consumed.
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    Hi Michel/AJ,

    ulimit value was 1024 and after changing it to 4096 i am able to start em console but there is another issue.
    I am changing this ulimit from putty and starting the server, so whenever that putty session gets closed, ulimit value is again getting reset to 1024 and em again goes to failed state.

    Please let me know how to permanently change ulimit value.

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    To make this change permanent login with root user and edit file /etc/security/limits.conf
    Add below fields for the user (for example here I have installed MW with weblogic user):
    weblogic hard nofile 131072
    weblogic soft nofile 131072
    weblogic hard nproc 131072
    weblogic soft nproc 131072
    weblogic soft core unlimited
    weblogic hard core unlimited
    weblogic soft memlock 3500000
    weblogic hard memlock 3500000



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