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    EnvelopHadler getSecuredDataLength on the gemalto card

      I wrote a small applet for testing sms_pp_formatted event. I created it with package import sim.toolkit.*; without any uicc packages. So the code looks like this:
                     short secureDataOffset = envHdlr.getSecuredDataOffset();
                     short secureDataLength = envHdlr.getSecuredDataLength();
                     envHdlr.copyValue(secureDataOffset, buff, (short)0, secureDataLength);
                     displayText(buff,secureDataLength, DCS_DEFAULT_ALPHABET, proHdlr);

      Applet receives sms_pp and displays received bytes. So this code works perfect on the Oberthure Card, G&D but doesn't work on the Gemalto GML256v12 3G. All sim cards are usim, jc222. What is wrong? Maybe should I use the uicc package to handle envelop?