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    LOV from external file and module


      I try the OPM version 10.4, and i try to add a module on an existing rulebase. I don't have the list of value anymore with OPA web determinations, the list of values is external. The screen appears, the question is here too, the list is here but with no data inside.

      First i have updated my rulebase to 10.4 the list of value was working correctly.

      Then i add a module to the project and now the list is empty, i change nothing else.
      (for information i'm working in french)

      Please advice or help,

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          Kristy Van Der Vlist
          When you say that your list of values is external, how is it loaded? If you are using the default XML list functionality then you'll need to make sure it is configured properly. See http://docs.oracle.com/html/E29403_01/toc.htm.

          The other thing to note is that screens are not exported from modules which means that if you want to collect the value of an attribute that has been exported from a module, you'll need to add it to a screen in your parent rulebase. You can define a list for that control from there.
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            I'm using the XML list functionnality that i put in the directory "include/lists/fr-FR/" of my parent rulebase and it's setup in the screen of the parent rulebase.

            The list is the project is working when I unlink the module, and when i re-attach it the list of value is empty.

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              Kristy Van Der Vlist
              This sounds like it's been caused by an issue that was reported recently. We'll be looking to fix it in a future release but in the meantime, the only work around is not to define your list in an external file if you are using modules.