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    Failed to connect WebLogic Application Server

      I'm trying to connect WebLogic Application server from jDeveloper( When I created a new connection, I receive below result.

      Testing JSR-160 Runtime ... failed.
      Cannot establish connection.
      Testing JSR-160 DomainRuntime ... skipped.
      Testing JSR-88 ... skipped.
      Testing JSR-88-LOCAL ... skipped.
      Testing JNDI ... skipped.
      Testing JSR-160 Edit ... skipped.
      Testing HTTP ... success.
      Testing Server MBeans Model ... skipped.
      Testing HTTP Authentication ... success.

      2 of 9 tests successful.

      I'm going through "Building Your First Process with Oracle BPM 11g" and I'm at the end of step, deployment. However because of the connection issue, Realm LOV has nothing in the identify lookup Remote_WLServer. Demo Users have been deployed and created. All servers are up and running. Any idea what might be wrong?