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    Need steps to de-install 12c agent


      Want steps to de-install 12c agent.
      Any document or the detailed steps would be helpful.

      - Wern
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          Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle

          12C Cloud Control: How to De-install 12C Agent
          1. Stop the Agent using command from Management Agent home:

          $ emctl stop agent
          ../agent12c/agent_inst/bin/emctl stop agent

          2. Deinstalling using Graphical Method:
          2.a.) Invoke the installer from Management Agent home by running the following command:
          $/oui/bin/runInstaller -removeallfiles
          $ ../agent/core/ -removeallfiles

          2.b.) In the Installation wizard click on "Installed Products" button.

          2.c.) On the Inventory screen, select the plug-in homes, and click "Remove" button.

          2.d.) On the Inventory screen, select the sbin home, and click "Remove" button.

          2.e.) On the Inventory screen, select the Management Agent, and click "Remove" button.

          OR Deinstalling using Silent Method:

          2.i) Deinstall the plug-in homes:
          $/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={absolute_path_to_plug-in_home}" -invPtrLoc
          $ ../agent/core/ -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={../agent/plugins/oracle.sysman.emas.oms.plugin_12., ../agent/plugins/oracle.sysman.emct.oms.plugin_12.}" -invPtrLoc /home/oracle/oraInst.loc

          2.ii) Deinstall the sbin home:
          $/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={absolute_path_to_sbin_directory}" -invPterLoc
          $ ../agent/agent_inst/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={../agent/sbin}" -invPtrLoc /home/oracle/oraInst.loc

          2.iii) Deinstall the Management Agent:
          $/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={absolute_path_to_agent_oracle_home}" -invPtrLoc
          $ ../agent/core/ -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={../agent/core/}" -invPttLoc /home/oracle/oraInst.loc

          Note: Parameter -invPtrLoc is optional

          3. (Only for Graphical Mode) Verify whether the Oracle Homes and other directories were successfully deinstalled. To do so, follow these steps:

          3.a.) Invoke the installation wizard by running the following command from the Management Agent Home:
          $ ../agent/core/

          3.b.) In the installation wizard, on the My Oracle Support Details screen, click on "Installed Products" button.

          3.c.) On the Inventory screen, check whether or not the Oracle Homes and other directories you deinstalled appears. If the deinstallation was successful then those Oracle Homes and directories should not appear.

          4. Open inventory.xml and check Agent plugin home and Agent sbin home entries are removed or not. These entries should be removed during deinstallation.

          Note: inventory.xml would be located under ContentsXML folder under the inventory location in oraInst.loc file.

          Best Regards,
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            I have the same question.

            Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (

            Solaris 10 update 10 x86_64.

            No access to X-Windows so I'm doing a silent deinstall.


            Following docs at Venkat's recommendation:

            How to De-install the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Agent (Doc ID 1368088.1)
            Enterprise Manager Cloud control 12c Plug-ins Frequently Asked Questions (Doc ID 1394908.1)

            ## list agent plug-in homes

              echo $AGENT_HOME



              echo $AGENT_BASE



              $AGENT_HOME/bin/emctl listplugins agent

              oracle.sysman.oh /u01/app/oracle/agent12c/plugins/oracle.sysman.oh.agent.plugin_12.


              ls -l $AGENT_BASE/plugins

              drwxr-xr-x   7 oracle   oinstall      12 Jul 24 22:25 oracle.sysman.db.discovery.plugin_12.

              drwxr-xr-x   9 oracle   oinstall      13 Jul 24 22:25 oracle.sysman.emas.discovery.plugin_12.

              drwxr-xr-x  10 oracle   oinstall      15 Jul 24 22:25 oracle.sysman.oh.agent.plugin_12.

              drwxr-xr-x   7 oracle   oinstall      13 Jul 24 22:25 oracle.sysman.oh.discovery.plugin_12.

              drwxr-xr-x   7 oracle   oinstall      11 Jul 24 22:25 oracle.sysman.xa.discovery.plugin_12.


            ## remove plugin home (FOR EACH PLUGIN FOUND)


            $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -deinstall -silent "REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_BASE/agent/plugins/oracle.sysman.db.discovery.plugin_12.}"

            $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -deinstall -silent "REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_BASE/agent/plugins/oracle.sysman.emas.discovery.plugin_12.}"

            $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -deinstall -silent "REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_BASE/agent/plugins/oracle.sysman.oh.agent.plugin_12.}"

            $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -deinstall -silent "REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_BASE/agent/plugins/oracle.sysman.oh.discovery.plugin_12.}"

            $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -deinstall -silent "REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_BASE/agent/plugins/oracle.sysman.xa.discovery.plugin_12.}"





            ## remove sbin home

              $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_BASE/sbin}"


            ## Deinstall the Management Agent:

              $AGENT_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -deinstall -removeallfiles "REMOVE_HOMES={$AGENT_HOME}"

            The part in RED (deleting each plugin home) is what I'm curious about: is there a better way to find & de-install the individual plugin-homes?  Has anybody come up with a sed, bash or awk script to generate the directory names?

            (Apologies if I wasn't supposed to dig up an old thread but this was the exact same question I had: 12c deinstall agent).

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              Akanksha Sheoran Kaler-Oracle

              If you are using the silent runInstaller to deinstall the agent then you have to manually remove the plugin homes as in ruInstaller we have to remove the dependent homes one by one.

              To avoid all this we have much simpler solution and single steps - use agentdeinstal.pl script silently to remove everything in a single go.

              1. $<AGENT_HOME>/perl/bin/perl <AGENT_HOME>/sysman/install/AgentDeinstall.pl -agentHome <AGENT_HOME>


              This script uses API to remove all the dependent homes for you and you don't have to worry about removing them one after the another


              Refer install guide for more detail and exact instructions-  Deinstalling Oracle Management Agent