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    Obiee SQl

      I am running a report and when I am checking the SQl that is running behind the report it is taking an additional table which I am not taking in my report.
      Ex: I have dim1 and fact1.I am taking 2 fields from dim1 and 1 fact from fact1.These are the only fields that I am taking and running the report.
      But when I am checking the SQl behind this report it is showing me dim1,fact1,fact2..This fact2 is never involved in the report.
      Any idea why that fact2 is involved in the sql??
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          When you see unnecessary tables in the queries fired to the DB, it means that the OBIEE Server has no other source in BMM.

          Say, you have a logical table which is made up of two physical tables A & B and hence there is only one source with a inner join on A&B. So whenever, you have a report with only columns from A, then still the query gets fired including table B because it is the only source for this table.

          So, to take off these kind of cases create separate logical sources for individual physical tables and for both of them combined.

          Hope this helps.

          Thank you,
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            Even I thought of the same reason and I tried creating two seperate logical tables in BMM layer(Earlier I have one LTS and in that I have given inner join for fact1 and fact2).Then I created the report with fact 1 and dimension1.But then when I checked the SQL it is still taking fact2 into cosideration even though I am not using that fact2 .