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    latest Java XML technology

      Hi, can anyone tell me what's the latest Java XML technology? Is there anything similar to .NET DataSet? I know SDO has a feature "changeSummary" to make the update of XML data easy. But it looks SDO is not popular now (correct me if I am wrong). Is JAXB the only popular framework for Java XML? Is it as powerful as .NET DataSet? Thanks
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          Dude, this is a Java forum. Do you really expect people to know .NET stuff?

          JAXB is an API, not a framework. Its not popular, its part of the JEE spec which basically makes it a given to use it. You can use it to do XML binding stuff; nothing more, nothing less. It is used by several other APIs to do the XML binding stuff, like JAX-WS. When used properly you can quite effectively bind XML documents to an Object hierarchy and the other way around.

          A piece of advice: if you want to do Java stuff, forget .NET exists. If you can't do that, at least stop doing that "I do it like this in .NET, how I do it in Java?" way of thinking. You have a problem which needs to be solved, go find something that works.