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    Run HAL exe file from client PC

      Hello experts,

      Apologize for posting this thread in Consolidation forum. My question is regarding HFM and HAL. We are using HFM v4 and HAL v7. Yup, it is old and rusty, but finance doesn't want to upgrade.

      We are doing some transfer data for historical data and we want user to do it by themselves. We created a excel macro with interface, so that user can login, select which country they are entitled to and click one button to execute HAL. In HAL, we prepare a data transform to push from staging table to HFM. All is generated into 1 executable file (choose option to copy all required .dll files when creating .exe file). So the idea is macro will call HAL exe file to push data to HFM.

      Now we are facing problem when we want to execute HAL exe file from client PC. FYI, this PC doesn't have any HAL or HFM installed. When the exe file is executed, there was a message error saying "*This application has failed to start because jvm.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fixed this problem*". So, we copied the jvm.dll from java installation directory and the error appeared "*Cannot create Java Virtual Machine*"

      From above problem, does anyone have experience to run HAL exe file (for HFM) in another machine, which doesn't have HFM and HAL installed ? Should we installed HAL and HFM in each client PC ? What step did we produce wrongly regarding this matter ?

      Appreciate your advice.

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          instead of just copying jvm.dll, I would recommend installing Java through the installer as there are most likely other files that jvm.dll is dependent on, etc.

          It's been a while since I have worked with HAL integrations (Vignette), but I believe you will need HFM client installed on the end user machine.

          If you have a lot of machines, this could be a bit annoying. Because of that when we used HAL, we made a custom web front-end that ran on a server with the HAL programs. It was more work to build the web U/I; however, from a management perspective, it was a lot easier to control/maintain.