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    Multiple currency

      Hi All,

      We have created a multi currency application in Hyperion but unable to convert the values in other currency.

      We have 3 currencies defined in currency dimension

      1) Local
      2) PKR
      3) USD

      In exchange rate table, in To currency drop down list only PKR is available, although all my values are input in Local currency.

      I need help that how I can input my values in PKR or it should allow me to enter exchange rates in Local currency.


      Sami Khan
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          Vladimir Vipirailo
          You can enter data only in Local currency, others can be calculated based on the exchange rates
          Local is you default (base) currency for the Entity member (if specified) or you default app currency. If you need to override the entity's base currency you can set Allow multiple currencies per entity flag in web form. Then you can submit data in Local currency other than base entity's currency.
          To calculate currencies from local into USD, PKR etc automatically you can use default calc on the form (Calculate currency) setting it up Run on save. You Currency dim should be in the Page