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    Install Oracle E-Business 12 on Windows 2003

      Install Oracle EBS 12.1.1 on Windows 2003

      Hint : Install in physical server/PC/Laptop (then convert to VM if you want)
      I try to install Oracle EBS12 on VM but it took time and return error on step 3, then I solve the error and complete the installation it took about 1day installing at the end all oracle forms not working with error FRM-92101.
      After several days of search, I found that the error comes on step 3 raised cause of slow drive, the normal installation should take 2 hours on good server, it took 3.5 hours on physical laptop

      Steps :
      1.     Install Windows 2003
      2.     Install loopback adapter
      •     Open control panel
      •     Double click on Add Hardware
      •     Choose Yes, I have already connected the hardware, then Next
      •     Choose Add new hardware device, then Next
      •     Choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, then Next
      •     Choose Network Adapters, then Next
      •     Choose Microsoft then Microsoft Loopback Adapter, then Next
      •     After that next..next till finish
      •     Give loopback adapter IP Address Ex:
      3.     Change Computer name
      •     Right click on My Computer, Choose Properties
      •     Computer Name tab page
      •     Click Change Button
      •     Wright any computer name Ex: APPS
      •     Click More Button
      •     Wright and DNS name Ex: EBS12.COM
      •     Restart
      4.     Install VC++ 2005
      •     Install VC++ Express (Hint : Be sure that .Net Framework 2 installed, it comes with VC++ Express)
      •     Install VC++ Express in directory didn't contains any spaces Ex: C:\VCPlus
      •     Copy cl.exe and link.exe from C:\VCPlus\VC\Bin to C:\WINDOWS\System32
      5.     Install Cygwin
      •     Download cygwin (Hint: download old version 1.5 legacy)
      from http://www.cygwin.com/win-9x.html
      •     Run setup.exe and click Next, which will bring up the Choose Installation Type screen.
      •     Select ; Install from Internet and Click Next
      •     Select ; Root Directory C:\cygwin and select radio button
      •     Install for ; All Users and Default Text File Type ; DOS / text ; Next Local Package Directory can be any but C:\cygwin is recommended. ; Next Direct Connection.
      •     Click on Next again to get to the Select Packages screen, and select the following packages (click on to toggle):
      a.     All Default
      b.     Archive Default, plus manually select the zip package
      c.     Base Default, plus manually select the following extra packages: ash, coreutils, diffutils, findutils, gawk, grep, sed, tar and which
      d.     Devel Default, plus manually select binutils, gcc, gcc-core, gcc-g++, make and mktemp
      e.     Doc Default, plus manually select cygwin-doc and man
      f.     Editors Default, plus manually select vim
      g.     Interpreters Default, plus manually select gawk
      h.     Shells Default, plus manually select ash and tcsh
      i.     Utils Default, plus manually select cygutils and file
      Hint: some of the above packages are not found
      •     Click on Next again to download the selected files. It will take some time depending upon mirror site you selected and after download cygwin setup will be automatically starts. After installation completed, run CMD Command C:\cygwin\bin and run following commands:
      a.     copy gawk.exe awk.exe
      b.     copy grep.exe egrep.exe
      c.     copy make.exe gnumake.exe
      d.     copy gcc.exe cc.exe
      6.     Update Environment Variables
      •     Right click on My Computer, choose properties
      •     Choose Advanced tab page
      •     Click on Environment variables button
      •     In system variables choose Path, the Edit button
      •     In variable value go to the end of values then add
      •     then OK
      7.     Download Oracle EBS 12
      •     download from ORACLE E-Delivery
      8.     Create Stage
      •     using perl (I already have stage, so I'll skip this step)
      9.     Install EBS 12
      •     Go to stage directory Ex: C:\Stage12i\startCD\Disk1\rapidwiz
      •     Double click on RapidWiz.cmd
      •     Change Unix Toolkit directory (MKS) to C:\cygwin\bin
      •     Change Visual Studio directory to C:\VCPlus\VC
      •     Change Base directory to Ex: C:\oracle\VIS (Hint: required free space 230 GB)

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