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    PCM - Importing Data


      Please i've two questions:

      1- i'm using OPCM V.13.... i need to know how to import from excel to the submittal module and update the review cycles fields including the custom fields. (i know that the built-in import utility is designed to import a pre-defined list of fields only, and will not import my custom fields even if those are added to the import file) but Pls i'm working as document controller and if someone know any way to make it, this will strongly help me.. i hope that there a solution.

      2- same subject but the questions is about the ability for making bulk attachments via excel or something like that, this also will help me. i was doing this before but in another software. excel sheet containing the fileds needs to be updated + the file location and the file name, then i make the import.

      Please note that i dont have access to the database, and our company's database admin. wont help me or offer me tools to help me. everyday i receive large amount of document and i make it one by one and i make the attachments for each manualy. i hope someone can help me.

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          There is no Such options for PCM. I am working with PCM for last 6 years, we always have same requirement from Documents Controllers for bulk data uploading.
          the built in stuff will not work properly without proper and very care full while importing. But there is some 3rd party utilities like cmplus are always there to do some special imports and data clubbing with office suites. Also latest version CM 14 have more features.
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            We use the CM API to provide this functionality. In our case I have a few applications we have written in-house for this. I beleive there is still at least one product on the market as well which could help (CM Assist)?