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    Tools Only Upgrade

      We're getting set to upgrade from 8.50.18 to 8.52.06. In setting up Change Assistant for this Tools Only upgrade, the documentation refers to some things that, apparently, aren't available or relevant for a Tools Only upgrade. Long story short, is the event management hub required to be set up for a Tools Only upgrade? The Change Assistant options to test this with a Tools Only job are greyed out. I've gone through the setup twice and have came up with the same result. Maybe I'm overlooking something?
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          See these two documents

          E-UPG Best Practices for a Tools Only Upgrade [ID 831453.1]

          E-CA: Cannot Load Upgrade Template into Change Assistant - Everything is Greyed Out [ID 647870.1]
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            You don't really need to set up your EM hub for doing a tools upgrade. But as part of your tools upgrade your EM Hub and agents has to get upgraded.

            So I would suggest you to proceed with the tools upgrade. Setting up EM in change assistant is something which is not required for the tools upgrade.