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    Windows 7 64-bit and need to install both 32bit and 64bit Oracle 11g client


      First I am sorry for asking what is probably a common knowledge answer from most in the forum. I just cannot find a straight forward answer searching these forums or via google.

      We have Windows 7 64-bit planned as our next desktop upgrade. We have several Oracle databases, and all of the client software in our environment is 32 bit.

      I want to try and be ahead of the curve so I want to deploy the latest 64-bit 11g client instead of our current client (10g 32bit).

      The simple question is this: Can we actually do that with our 32bit application suite or do I need to install the 32bit client for 32bit applications side-by-side with the 64bit 11g Oracle client for future 64-bit clients?

      For a follow up to that, if I do, then does anyone have good instructions on that? I found one article on this but it seemed custom and made use of the mklink command, so I have my doubts this is correct.