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    Tomcat not starting when using netbeans

      Hi everyone,

      I am new to this forum. Hope you will provide a solution for this issue. Recently I installed the Net Beans 7.1.1 in which the tomcat server came along with the package. For your information the tomcat version is 7.0.22. The issue is when deploying the code using the Net Beans , I am getting the error :

      Starting Tomcat process...
      Waiting for Tomcat...
      Starting of Tomcat failed.
      G:\Net Beans Projects\Servlets\nbproject\build-impl.xml:721: Deployment error: Starting of Tomcat failed.
      See the server log for details.
      BUILD FAILED (total time: 4 seconds)

      I also made an attempt using an external Tomcat along with the Net Beans which is working very well. I set the environment variables JAVA_HOME, JRE_HOME, CATALINA_HOME........But no go.

      When using the option of Tomcat: Start in Debug Mode((I mean the tomcat installed along with the Net Beans) under "Services Tab" in the Netbeans, the tomcat is working fine when starting in debug mode. But not in normal mode. I am unable to start the Tomcat in Normal mode when deploying the code using Net Beans.

      Please kindly provide a solution for this issue. I'll be thankful to you forever...

      Thanks in advance.