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      I know that in theory Oracle Loader for Hadoop should outperform Sqoop and Quest's loader. Anyone ran the tests and published numbers?
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          We have a white paper on performance that we will be publishing shortly.

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            Here is a whitepaper with performance numbers.

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              Johan Louwers
              Hi Melli,
              that is quite a nice paper and is showing some figures however I guess the original poster was looking for a comparison report. This whitepaper is only showing what the results are on a specific set of data using Oracle tooling however it would be nice to have a report from Oracle and/or a independent company who tested the Oracle tooling and the tools from other vendors using the same hardware setup and the same data.

              This way it would be possible to compare apples with apples.

              Do you know of such a report and/or is this in the making?

              Johan Louwers
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                Hi Johan,

                This paper does compare the performance of Oracle products with other products using the same hardware and same data set. We compare with Fuse-DFS and products based on SQOOP framework.

                Independent/customer reports might happen in the future.
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                  Johan Louwers
                  True indeed... To quick, however, the independ one is still on the nice to have list. :-)