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    Diff between sqlnet & tnsnames.ora

      hi everyone,

      can ay one please let me know the difference between tnsname.ora & sqlnet.ora

      Both contains client side network configuration parameters &

      And Sqlnet.ora contains:

      if there are any other differences let me know

      Thank u
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          This tnsnames.ora file is a configuration file that contains net service names mapped to connect descriptors for the local naming method, or net service names mapped to listener protocol addresses.

          Please read more: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/network.112/e10835/tnsnames.htm#NETRF007.

          The sqlnet.ora file is the profile configuration file. It resides on the client machines and the database server. Profiles are stored and implemented using this file. The database server can be configured with access control parameters in the sqlnet.ora file. These parameters specify whether clients are allowed or denied access based on the protocol.

          Please read more: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/network.112/e10835/sqlnet.htm .
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            Thanks boss
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              Thank u Forstmann

              am working as jr.Oracle dba,

              I have another question,

              can we monitor a qurie or commands when a user typing in his screen. if possible can u please let me know