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    Custom Section Query

      Hi guys,

      I’m not sure if it’s a bug or just a standard Oracle functionality, but when I make a Column of a Custom Section Inactive, if it still has the ‘Add this item when section is created’ box ticked, it still appears as an Active Column on the User end, and can be populated as normal.

      I’ve only just established this and think it is quite important, as anybody involved in configuration may be misled.

      Does anybody have an idea?
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          If the custom section already exists on the spec, then the column will remain visible and editable. The reason is that we cannot change spec data from admin functionality. That spec could have been approved already, so it should not change unless it goes through the proper process.
          When adding a custom section, the inactive columns should not show up. I just tested on a build and it worked properly.

          So which scenario are you referring to, new or existing custom section instances?
          Which build are you using?

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            If you have any more questions on this please let us know.