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    Physical Disk


      I am unable view my Physical Disk in my VM Manager console , can any help me solve the problem.

      I am using HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Blade Server
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          What type of disk is it, a internal or a SAN/fiber channel attached disk?

          What is the output of: multipath -ll on the OVM server
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            Hello.. I've tried multiple times too, to get the local disks to be discovered, but having no luck.

            Hardware.. IBM x346 server.. 2 x 73gb drives (mirror)... 4 x 146gb drives (raid 5).

            Install OVM Server 3.0.3 server and it installs to /dev/sba no problem... It trys to install the / to the /dev/sdb, but I remove it and put it back on /dev/sba, so that nothing but Free Space is showing for /dev/sdb.

            After it's all installed/rebooted, etc.. I go to the OVM Mgr (3.0.3 build 240) server and discover the new box.
            It sees the oelvmibm02 server. I'm able to add it to the ibm-pool, and when I discover Physical Disks.. nothing shows.

            I've ensured that iptables is OFF for the vm mgr server.

            I've looked at the multipathd service on VM Svr.. it's running.
            However, when I issue the command multipath -ll
            here is what I get:
            DM multipath kernel driver not loaded

            I've reinstalled OVM Svr 3.0.3 multiple times on this box, with different configuration trying to get it to recognize the 2nd array so I can have a repository, but nothing seems to work.

            Any ideas on what to try next? I'm all open for suggestions.
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              From the release notes for OVM3.0.3 (section 6.4.7.) if you have HP smart array then you will not be able
              to detect local disks as storage despite you successfully installed the OVM server