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    Database Service Status "Service is Up With Warning"


      2 Node RAC on SLES 11
      Lets assume we are working with a database service DBSERVICE that has prefered Instance = RACDB12, available = RACDB11:
      srvctl add service -d RACDB -s DBSERVICE -r RACDB12 -a RACDB11 -l primary

      We are using Cloud Control 12c for monitoring.
      Is it true that Cloud Control generates an event when a failover (=services goes from prefered instance to the available ones=) occurs?

      Regards Casi
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          Sebastian Solbach -Dba Community-Oracle

          I am not sure if cloud control will also be generating an event, since the whole architecture of cloud/grid control is asynchronous. Data will get uploaded in intervalls, so even if it generates an event, it may already be too late.

          However the cluster itself is generating events, if anything happens on the cluster.
          Also if the service fails over cluster is publishing an event.

          Your client can react to it:

          and you can call scripts on the server (look for FAN Callout in the documentation).