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    Manipulating soap headers in BPEL 11g doesn't work


      I need to change the values of the soap header elements MessageId and RelatesTo in SOA Suite The documentation is not very clear on how to achieve this. In the development guide bpelx:inputHeaderVariable is mentioned for manipulating soap headers. If you use the "Headers" tab on the invoke activity I instead get bpelx:headerVariable. But I've tried both and then run the calls through TCP Monitor. The messageId/RelatesTo is still not changed.

      I have also tried the "Properties" tab on the invoke activity. There are two properties called wsa.messageId and wsa.relatesTo which sounds perfect. But still nothing happens when I use them.

      My invoke looks like this (if e.g. using bpelx:headerVariable):

      <invoke name="InvokeSomeProcess" partnerLink="SomeProcess"
      portType="ns1:SomeProcessCallback" operation="onResult"

      This worked perfectly in 10.3.4 which is what I'm migrating from (then using bpelx:inputHeaderVariable).

      Is this not working in 11g?? Or have I missed some crucial detail? Has anybody got it to work?

      Thankful for any help!
      Kind Regards