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    Outlook Issues

      Hi guys,
      I am having weird problems with Outlook and my BBerry email as follows:

      1) My BBerry is not deleting emails which are deleted by Outlook
      2) When I exit Outlook after deleting emails then reopen it later some of those deleted emails reappear
      3) I have 1050+ Local Changes Pending in Outlook and cannot find where they are
      4) I am running Outlook 2007 SP3 MSO
      5) My Cleanup setting was turned off in BBerry but after doing a once off cleanup it deleted loads off my BBerry and still left spurious emails on the device
      6) My calendar invites are not being sent out from Outlook#
      7) Most of the time my Outlook client seems to stop receiving emails and the only way to get it working is to shut Outlook down and re-open and reconnect to Beehive upon which time my emails come in.

      ANy suggestions as to what has got screwed up????


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