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    Error on deleting the last recor of a recordset


      I'm using the component oradc.ocx ( with VB 5.0, and I'm getting a strange error: only when I remove the last record of a dynaset (and it became empty), I got this error:

      OIP-00000: Message 0 not found; product=OO4O; facility=OIP

      The code:

      Private Sub Remover()
      If LibFunctions.Exec(Sec.dbOracle, 1534, vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2) = vbYes Then
      Call InitExib
      If (Me.odcDetalhes.Recordset.RecordCount = 0) Then
      Call InitNov
      Call odcDetalhes_Reposition
      End If
      End If
      End Sub

      After the delete, the function odcDetalhes_Validate is executed, but in this function, nothing references the odc.

      Private Sub odcDetalhes_Validate(Action As Integer, Save As Integer)
      If ((Action = vbDataActionMoveNext) Or _
      (Action = vbDataActionMovePrevious) Or _
      (Action = vbDataActionMoveLast) Or _
      (Action = vbDataActionMoveFirst)) Then

      If (blnSaveYesNo And Not blnPostQuery) Then
      Call mnuSave_Click
      End If
      blnSaveYesNo = False
      End If
      End Sub

      Does anyone knows what can I do to fix it?