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    XML BLOB/CLOB to relational structure


      I would like peoples views on the best approach to the folllowing scenario

      We are implementing a new payments engine (major bank), the vendors DB is a mix of normal relational tables & XML including XML CLOB/BLOB. In the latter case, the original incoming payment message and the enriched outgoing payment message is stored as XML CLOB. The vendor has no OOTB reporting capabilities so our approach is to replicate the production database using GoldenGate. We then plan to cretae a fully relational oracle database as an ODS (near real time) with B.O sitting over the top for reporting. We will use Oracle Data Integrator to extract the data from the rplicated copy of the live DB every 10 mins, shred the XML clob components and store in normal relational tables in the ODI.

      Does anyone see major problems with this approach and can anyone suggest a better approach