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    Oracle Developer

      Hi. I have a Oracle Applications Vision Instance. I tried navigating to Configurator Repository/Workbench HTML pages in Configurator Developer/Administrator responsibility and but couldn't find it Where can I find Oracle Configurator Developer HTML homepage?

      What is the menu/function setting to access Oracle Developer?
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          Kaushal Bhati

          Oracle Configurator patch should be installed while installing the Oracle Applications.

          you can access it thorugh Oracle Configurator Administrator Responsibility.

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            Hi Kaushal

            Thank you very much for your relpy. Can I have the Menu/Function combination to enabl;e Oracle Developer?

            Screen shot of my current Configurator Administrator Menu: http://i.imgur.com/rU95m.png?1
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              Kaushal Bhati

              I have the same Menu and SubMenu as yours.

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                Hi kaushal..

                Do you have the patch details to enable Configurator Developer...
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                  Kaushal Bhati

                  I am not sure about the installation but you can check in the metalink.oracle.com

                  search "Oracle Configurator Patch Matrix".

                  it will give you all the latest patches according to releases.

                  Let me know if it is working.
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                    The problem is likely with the responsibility that you are using. In many cases, you will see two responsibilities:

                    Configurator Administrator (menu = Configurator)
                    Oracle Configurator Administrator (menu = CzDevMainMenu)

                    You want to use "Oracle Configurator Administrator" if you are accessing the HTML Configurator Developer Application.

                    The "Configurator Administrator" responsibility was used prior to the introduction of the HTML interface (11.5.9 and earlier). This responsibility only provides access to various concurrent programs for setting up the remote servers, importing/refreshing models and publishing models. It will not provide access to the HTML Configurator Developer application.

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                      Hi Jason,

                      Thanks a tonne!

                      I was using the legacy responsibility you have pointed out and started tinkering around with it. All my efforts were futile.

                      My question now remains answered. And you made my day! :)

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