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    unable to mount ocfs

      Hi all,
      i m trying to configure RAC environment on cent OS 4 using vmware workstation 8.2.0...
      afte add node using ocfsconsole and try to mount file system using:

      mount -t ocfs2 -o datavolume,nointr /dev/sdb1 /ocfs..

      it through error like:

      [root@db2 /]# mount -t ocfs2 -o datavolume,nointr /dev/sdb1 /ocfs
      ocfs2_hb_ctl: Unable to access cluster service while starting heartbeat
      mount.ocfs2: Error when attempting to run /sbin/ocfs2_hb_ctl: "Operation not permitted"

      [root@db2 /]# /etc/init.d/o2cb status
      Module "configfs": Loaded
      Filesystem "configfs": Mounted
      Module "ocfs2_nodemanager": Loaded
      Module "ocfs2_dlm": Loaded
      Module "ocfs2_dlmfs": Loaded
      Filesystem "ocfs2_dlmfs": Mounted
      Checking O2CB cluster ocfs2: Offline

      pls suggest what the step i m missing..


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