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    Problmes on Link function with cache

      I faced some problems on the link function in Discoverer view 10g. Hope somebody can support.

      1. Once I run link from one report to another. How shall I go back to the upper level report? I did not find any visib function in viewer. The only way is the use the IE funtion "back". I think this is really not the best way.

      2. I define 2 link from the same field to the same next level work book. There are 4 parameter for the next level work book. The first two parameter is mandatory and the other two is option. The first link will transfer 2 madatory parameter only, the other two option parameter will be blank for all data. The second link will transfer all the 4 parameter value.

      The problem is when I run to the second link and go back to the high level work book and link to the first workbook. The system still put the last parameter value to the two option parameter. Even I manually delete the last value and click the "Go" button, the system still use the parameter value of last time again. This make the problems that I can not run the first link if I run the second link.

      I think this is the problem how to clear the cache value without exist the report. But I do not know how clear the cache.
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          Michael Armstrong-Smith
          Why is using the back button in the browswer such a bad thing? This is the way it was designed by Oracle and the way just about all web applications work. Successive presses of the back button will take a user back through multiple workbooks and take them back to where they where within the data with the same paramaters in use and the data cached.

          One thing that I do frequently is to put a link in the lower level report that when used will call the top level workbook. This overcomes the forced use of the back button.

          With regards to your second issue if we were to disable caching we can only do this on a system wide basis. As far as I am aware you cannot disable caching within a single workbook or session.

          Personally I would duplicate the called worksheet and have 2 of them in the same workbook both with mandatory parameters, the first having 2 and the second having the 4 you mentioned.

          I know it's a workaround but it will overcome the caching issue.

          Best wishes
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            Thank you very much.

            I cannot use the workaround solution you proposed for the business reason.
            I perfered to close the cache function for the whole system. Could you please kindly tell me how to do it?