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    Sparse zones live upgrade


      I have problem with live upgrade on solaris 10 9/10 to 8/11 on sparse zone.

      The installation on global zone is good but sparse zone cannnot boot because zonepath changed.

      bash-3.2# zoneadm list -cv
      0 global running / native shared
      - pbspfox1 installed /zoneprod/pbspfox1-s10u10-baseline native excl

      the initial path is /zoneprod/pbspfox1

      #zfs list
      zoneprod/pbspfox1@s10u10-baseline 22.4M - 2.18G -

      # luactivate zoneprod/pbspfox1@s10u10-baseline
      ERROR: The boot environment Name <zoneprod/pbspfox1@s10u10-baseline> is too long - a BE name may contain no more than 30 characters.
      ERROR: Unable to activate boot environment <zoneprod/pbspfox1@s10u10-baseline>.

      how to upgrade pbspfox1?

      Please help

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          I'm not exactly sure what happened here but the zone name doesn't change. If the zone patch is wrong, I'd try using zonecfg to change the zone path to the proper value and then boot the zone normally.

          zonecfg -z pbspfox1
          set zonepath=/zone/pbspfox1 (or whatever is the proper path)

          zoneadm -z pbspfox1 boot

          If the zone didn't get properly updated, you might be able to update it by detaching the zone:

          zoneadm -z pbspfox1 detach

          and doing an update reattach

          zoneadm -z pbspfox1 attach -u

          Disclaimer: All of the above was done from memory without testing, I may have gotten some things wrong.

          Hopefully this will help. I've had similar issues in the past but I'm not sure I've had exactly the same problem so I can't tell for sure whether this will help you or not. It is what I'd try. Of course, try to avoid getting yourself into a position where you can't back something out if necessary. This kind of thing can be messy and may require more than one try. If a remember correctly there were some issues with the live upgrade software as shipped with Solaris 10 8/11. I'd get it patched up to current levels ASAP to avoid additional issues.
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