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    running out of locks, lockers, and logging region

      I know this issue has been brought up quite a bit, but I am experiencing an issue that I can't quite track down exactly.

      Simply, I have a function that either creates or reopens containers of an existing database. These creations/opens are wrapped in a transaction. The transaction is aborted on any kind of error and committed once all containers/databases are open.

      I have an application which runs as a daemon and stays connected to the containers and database waiting for a network connection. This application can be run any number of times. The database is meant to be initialized in a way to support concurrency and integrity.

      I am noticing that upon every execution of the application, my locks increase by around 80-100 and the lockers increase by a consistent 134. I am also subsequently seeing, after 5 instances are run, a logging region out of memory error.

      I was wondering if these locks/lockers/logging region usage sticking around after database/container initialization was normal and if I should be handling the expansion of these areas at runtime to accommodate the indefinite number of processes that can access this database at any one time?

      I know the question is rather vague, but I'm attempting to find out where I should begin looking.

      Thank you in advance and please let me know if you need anymore information.