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    Unable to open input SARM data file

      Hi, I'm trying to convert files to csv SARM and giving me the reference error "Unable to open input file SARM."
      I am executing the following statement:
      "C: \ Users \ adm> C: \ siebel \ \ ses \ gtwysrvr \ BIN \ sarmanalyzer.exe
      -c: \ siebel \ out.csv-d csv-fc: \ siebel \ A_FINSObjMgr_esn_T201203091909_P976511

      Converting CSV file to SARM
      Input File: c: \ siebel \ A_FINSObjMgr_esn_T201203091909_P9765114_N0001.sarm
      Output File: c: \ siebel \ out.csv
      Unable to open input data file SARM "

      I need to open the file contents to analyze a user session. Need not be a csv, it could be a text file or anything that allows me to see ... It happens as it could? This either the execution of the sentence? I can open it in another way?