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    MP3 Player within j2ee Application

      I got a j2ee web application, and server side contents list of mp3s.
      Is it possible to play them to client side with java base mp3 player as plug-in in or applet with java (platform in-depended) to the client side once end user has select the list of files to be played?

      Can someone give me some example or technologies that I should overlook for this task and I’m only experience in J2EE.

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          I would suggest that you use Oracle JMF frame work, it is so simple to use if you want no advanced features.
          here is sample code (this code uses a file, but you can create from any url) :

          player = Manager.createPlayer(file.toURL());
          player.addControllerListener(new EventHandler());

          here is oracle download page :

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