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    Document object URL not working

      We are using SSGD to give access to a VDI environment and all users are in AD but not all users are allowed to use SSGD.
      Because all users can succesfully authenticate we need a way to separate authorized and not authorized users.
      For this I have created multiple My Desktops each in a separate directory in SSGD and each with a different ldap query in the Assigned User Profiles tab for the appliation.
      This works fine for the connections to the VDI brokers but not for the users that do not match any query, they get an error in the login page which may confuse them

      I am trying to redirect My Deskop ( /sgd/mydesktop ) for those users to a web page that should give them a message that they are not authorized.
      For this I have created a Document object with a URL. But my browser ( Firefox 3.6.12 ) never opens that url.
      If I replace that application by a copy of the xclock app I get an SSGD client login window so the ldap query works.

      Is there a way to debug why the URL never seems to get opened ?

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          What is the error/exception displayed on the login page for users without assigned VDI environments?
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            I don't seem to be able to get the error again. But I have made a /Sorry/My Desktop application and if I login as a user that matches the LDAP query for it I see the folliowing in catalina.out:
            2012-04-20 11:40:56 INFO Good Result <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><tta:response xmlns:tta="http://xml.tarantella.com/2001/soapreply.xsd">
            <attr name="scottalocation">http://www.nu.nl/</attr>
            Print Jobs - 0

            http://www.nu.nl/ is the url I entered. And if I enter it directly in the browser the page appears.
            It's just that when I use SSGD it never appears, I only get a "MyDesktop started succesfully. It is ok to close this window"

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              The MyDesktop JSPs expect an SGD application object, not a document. You should be able to get your solution to work by editing:


              and adding some code to handle documents:

              WSObject actualApp = webtop.getObject(appname);
              Map<String,String> appAtts = actualApp.getAttributes();
              // ADD THE FOLLOWING LINES AFTER GETTING 'actualApp'
              if (actualApp.isDocument())
              String url = appAtts.get(ISchemaNames.LOCATION);
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                Excellent, tried it on our test server and that was exactly what I was looking for.