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    How to get Validation Error rows?

      I have a file for multiload with 4 rows. 2 of the rows has wrong mapping. When I do the multiload process, on Validation step I am getting error message. If we click on it, on the right side of the screen, in "Processing detail" windows error row will appear. (look in pic)

      My task was to develope a web script, which automates Multiload process. This script is now assigned to the Task button in Web client. In this script for Validate step i wrote code:

      Call PobjMultiEng.PobjMultiLoader.fMultiValidate(PobjMultiEng.PobjMultiLoader.PcolLoadSet, True)
      +     If PobjMultCiEng.PobjMultiLoader.objAPI.ValidationMgr.Perr <> 0 Then      +
      +     On Error GoTo 0+
      +     Err.raise 1+
      +     Exit Sub+
      End If

      I want to add here function, in which file with errors rows will be created and send to User (Now, if there was an error during multiload process, user gets only notification about the error without details).

      My quastion is: where can i get the information (File name, Data Source, Source Value, Description - like in the picture) about wrong mapping rows?
      I found, that there is clsValidationMgr object, that has useful methiods:
      PrsDimErr ( Variant ) Variant containing mapping errors for last dimension validation call to
      +"fValidate" (See enmMarshalTypes)+
      PErr ( Long ) Contains COUNT of errors for last dimension validation call to "fValidate"
      PMsg ( String ) Contains MESSAGE from last dimension validation call to "fValidate"

      But i didn't find what i need there.