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    ocfs2 error


      When trying to make a new repository I get this error:
      /opt/ovs-agent-2.3/utils/repos.py -n /dev/sde

      Error: errcode=00000, errmsg=Unexpected error: <KeyError: 'local_db'>

      File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/OVSSiteCluster.py", line 640, in clustersetup
      local_db = db_load("LOCAL_DB,node", "local_db")
      File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/OVSCDS.py", line 277, in db_load
      value = db[key]
      File "/usr/lib/python2.4/bsddb/dbshelve.py", line 106, in __getitem__
      data = self.db[key]

      Does anyone know how to solve this?

      Thanks in advance,
      Stijn De Smet