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    LOV Issue

      Hi Experts,

      One of my client raised some strange question.

      Normally if i click on LOV Torch Button , it will open one Region, in that region once click on GO Button it will show the value to whom we need to select. this is the standard behavior.

      But the client asked that once click on the Torch button it will open region without clicking the GO button values should display by default.

      I need information is it possible or not?

      IF possible how can we achieve this kind of requirement.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Hi ,

          I believe this is quite possible, Easy tweak is that , using personalization set the that lov input default value as % so when they will click on torch LOV will query the whole result.
          If that solution doesn't work for you then extend the controller of that LOV, and write:

          Apurba K Saha
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            Gyan Darpan

            Attach a controller to the LOV, and put the logic accordingly. For any further understanding call me. ;)