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    How Documaker Studio 12.0 - compares with other tools - like HP EXSTREAM

      Hello Experts !

      I am trying to find a comparison document between latest versions of Documaker Studio 12.0 & HP Exstream.

      I had worked on Documaker 10.2 for several past years, but has been working on HP exstream in Recent years.
      I am trying to understand what has changed in Documaker 10.2 to Documaker Studio, so that I can work on Studio - mostly for batch Application. I have gone through most of the Docs for Documaker Studio, & understand the BASE product which works on the back ground RUN TIME process has not changed a lot for batch processing at least. I understand that GUI is totally different, with various additional features for versioning, check out, checkin etc.

      Also I am trying to compare DOcumaker Studio with HP Exstream, with which I have now about 4 years recent experience..

      If any of you have any comparison docs, request to forward to me. ( benoyfr@hotmail.com). Also I encourage if any of you Documaker studio experts can talk to me - I can explain the features of Exstream & we can have an interesting discussion - my number is (302) 312 3120..

      Thanks in advance !