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    Mirroring a ZFS stripe volume

      I have azpool made up of 2 SAN luns.

      I'd like to mirror a single larger LUN onto the pool the remove the stripe set of LUNS.
      I could swear I did this once in the past.

      Can this be done:

      # zpool status zpool_amdsqluat
      pool: zpool_amdsqluat
      state: ONLINE
      scan: none requested

      zpool_amdsqluat ONLINE 0 0 0
      c3t600A0B800075F5FF00004E864F1D1F20d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
      c3t600A0B800075F5FF00004E884F1D1F56d0 ONLINE 0 0 0

      errors: No known data errors

      # zpool attach -f zpool_amdsqluat c3t600A0B800049C92700000FE34BA3A878d0
      missing <new_device> specification
      attach [-f] <pool> <device> <new-device>

      What's the actual "device" that I'm connecting the "new-device" (LUN) to?
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          first check if new device is visible to O/S

          #echo|format | grep -i c3t600A0B800049C92700000FE34BA3A878d0

          now add this Lun as mirror in zpool

          # zpool attach zpool_amdsqluat c3t600A0B800049C92700000FE34BA3A878d0
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            Its not exactly clear what you are trying to do but a couple of tips:

            1. When you attach, you have to provide an existing pool device from which to attach
            the new device, which is what the error is describing, here:

            <device> <new-device>

            2. To me, if you want to replace the existing smaller LUNs with a larger LUN and continue
            with a mirrored configuration, you'll need two larger LUNs. If you want to replace the two
            smaller LUNs with one larger LUN, then that would be doable, but you would no longer
            have a mirrored configuration.