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    Cannot export one page from translation application


      we have a DEV-TEST-PROD structure, and I want to transfer the whole application from DEV to TEST except two pages. These two pages should come from the TEST system, not from the DEV system. So I exported these two pages from TEST, and then made a DEV->TEST transfer.
      As a last step I imported the 2 missing pages into TEST, and it works fine. But the translation of these two pages are missing. But what should I do? If I export a page, its translation won't be exported. Alternatively, I can transport the whole translation application, but what to do then?
      Exporting pages without their translation seems a bit pointless for me.
      Could you help me in this issue?


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          Arie Geller

          >> But the translation of these two pages are missing …

          The only time we should treat the translated application as an independent application is when we deal with export issues.

          On the Application Builder home page of the primary application go to the Export/Import module and choose the Export option. In the Application field select the TRANSLATED application and click on the Set Application button.

          From the Tasks box (on the right hand side of the screen) choose the Export Page task. In the Page field choose the page you want to export. Remember – the page id of a translated application is comprised of the page id (in the primary language) and the translated application id, separated by a dot. For example, page id of 5.9175845 means page 5 of the translated application 9175845.

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