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    EPMA for Essbase

      Hi All,

      Just curious if anyone else is having the same issues with EPMA (with Essbase that we experience each month. I have no faith in this product and I am always terrified that unintended changes will go through to Production. It doesn't seem like this product is fit for the marketplace.

      Here are a few of the issues we experience:

      1. Partition files in EAS must be renamed in order to have a successful deployment.
      2. Member order changes. If we position a member in the middle of a member hierachy, it will end up at the bottom of that list after being deployed.
      3. If we make changes to Attribute dimensions, they sometimes won't show up after being deployed and we must re-deploy 2 more times to have them show up.
      4. We get various error messages after deployment referring to formula mistakes even though these formulas do work.
      5. The hierachies appear to be jumbled up and members look to be in the wrong place. We logout, and log back in and everything goes back to normal.
      6. It is very difficult to compare what we have deployed in Development to what we have in Prod so that we isolate what changes are going through.

      All of these issues basically compound and make it so that we waste days reviewing our work just to make sure EPMA doesn't wreck our metadata. Making changes in the EAS Console is a breeze but I just don't know of a way to push the changes to all 5 of our apps in Dev, QA and Prod in an efficient manner.

      Please let me know if there are patches / solutions to fix these issues or if this is what everyone goes through. I just assumed the majority of companies were on EPMA but after seeing these errors, I am starting to wonder. I can't imagine bringing our HFM apps into EPMA with this kind of performance.