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    OBR rule migration


      I am planning to use OBR to define some rule.But as per requirement, business requires UI to modify the rule.
      we have version contral system, where we put all backup codebase.If we provide composer url to business in order to upgrate the rule, then corresponding backup would not be there in version contraol system. can any one suggest me what approachI should follow in order to have backup codebase in version control system if business modifies the .rules files directly from composer url in production.

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          Hi Amik,

          The business rules can be changed at runtime, but I would not recommend business users to change this on production. The reasons are:

          1. The rules can be complex for business owners and a mistake is easily made. This can cause a lot of problems as services respond to changing rules.
          2. You can't version control changes done immediately on production. If you allow the business to immediately update the rules on production then you will open a can of worms. The reason is how are you going to track changes done on production and prevent these from being overwritten by new deployments?

          Rules changes should be part of a strict process as part of your release management procedure. If you want to give the business users the flexibility let them first make these changes on a user/pre-production environment and make sure nothing is broken. If these changes work then export the composite from that environment. Copy the rules file to your development environment, regression test and then commit to your version control system. Then make a new release version and deploy to production.

          Hope this answers your question.


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