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    11gR3 Multiple OS under one Server

    Tim Reidy
      OC gurus, a co-worker of mine cloned a system by adding an extra drive to a system and creating a zfs mirror on the new drive.

      He then installed it into a system where the hard drive had failed, and modified the configuration files to match those of the failed drive. I'm not sure if he ran sys-unconfig first or not.

      The source system has an active OC agent running on it, and is properly recognized by OC.

      When I then perform a custom discovery on the new system, the server and OS are detected, but in the All Assets pane, it has the icon for the server, and subordinate to it are both the new OS, and the source system OS.

      I have already deleted the /var/sadm/servicetag/registry/servicetag.xml file and restarted the stosreg service to create a new servicetag.xml file containing only the OS instance, and discovered again, but it made no difference.

      All I can figure is that during discovery, it is somehow being reported that this is the same instance of the hardware as the source system.

      Does anybody have a deep enough understanding of Ops Center's discovery process to give me a clue where to look?


      Tim Reidy
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          There's another file, called /var/opt/sun/xvm/persistence/scn-agent/id.properties that is probably getting you.

          On the new OS, I would:

          # /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/agentadm unconfigure
          # /var/scn/install/uninstall
          # rm -rf /var/opt/sun/xvm

          Then discover/reinstall the agent again.

          Same issue if you create a flar to re-use, you want to make sure the agent is not installed and the id.properties file is gone, too.