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    Profile tab not showing up VisualVM connection to Websphere


      I am new to VisualVM. I am trying to monitor my application that is deployed in websphere 7. I followed the steps gicen in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2253339/connect-visualvm-to-websphere-7 and I am able to open the Monitor and Thread tabs in VisualVM. Profile tab is not showing up. Also in the CPU tab , cpu usage reads as unknown. When i checked the VisualVMlogs i saw an exception
      "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang:type=OperatingSystem is not an instance of interface com.sun.management.OperatingSystemMXBean"

      Both VisualVM and websphere are running in 32 bit version. can anyone help me to find how to get profile tab opened up?