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        jaw drops to the floor and bounces

        That delete page has timed out every time I've run it for over a week. That's over 120 seconds of just sitting there spinning before I get a page timeout from my application.

        I just re-ran it on a copy of the table. It deleted the data in under a second.

        So, if it works that well tomorrow I will let you know! I'm guessing it will... so if it works tomorrow on the one table, I'll run it on Thursday on all of the tables. Then automate for Friday, and perhaps Monday will be the last day I have to come in at 6:30!!

        WOO HOO!

        So, since I obviously suck at SQL, you can all let me know if you need any help in Photoshop... because that's about the only thing that I can help with! lol


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          Stew Ashton

          What you are good at is asking technical questions clearly with enough detail so people can answer them.

          That is a very important and surprisingly rare quality.

          Enjoy your additional sleep :)

          P.S. I have seen huge performance improvements many times with Oracle SQL; that is one of the reasons I got interested in the subject 8 years ago. My favorite was reducing a one-hour batch job in Java to one 5-second SQL statement.
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            So, I ran the test today. I am running a ColdFusion application (CF 8) on Oracle 11.

            Delete duplicates - old way - page times out after 4:26.9
            Delete duplicates - new way - page finishes in under 0:01.7 (I didn't hit the button on my stopwatch fast enough!)

            I decided to go with ROWID instead of my column RID for the delete.

            Today I'm going to re-write all 13 queries! YAY!!

            So tomorrow will be the big test - I'm going to run everything the old way and the new way to make sure the final outputs match.

            Stew - thanks for the compliment. I've learned to explain my issues in detail, but simply, because I have a very non-technical boss who wants to know what I'm doing and why, but techno-babble goes right over his head.
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              Glad it looks like this will work for you. I am interested in how your testing goes today, so make sure to let us know.
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                Well, testing is done.

                I just ran the deletes for 13 tables in one shot. The entire process took under 3 seconds. I'd say that's a successful result!!

                Thanks for all of your help!

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