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    Re: Calling External webservice in BPEL

      i am also facing the same issue which is mentioned in this thread from 2008:
      Calling External webservice in BPEL
      kindly help me. please find the details as below:

      Build JDEVADF_11.

      i am using the above version and update the soa composite editor from the zips file got from the below link


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          Hi, configure the webservice adapter by using the URL, it will say there are no partnerlink types defined and it will ask whether it can create the partnerlinktypes for you , say yes and select the partner role, leave My Role , dont select any value for that My Role, and wire the BPEL process to the webservice adapter and call the reference (i.e., web service adapter) using the invoke activity in the BPEL.

          Hope this helps,